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Modular Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that compliment your taste.We invite you to bring your own “Kitchen design ” to us – full of your kitchen design dreams. Our Kitchen Designers bring your ideas alive and suggest the following kitchen design tips to get you started.

Questions to consider…

1. How long do you plan living in your home?

2. What is your decorating/interior stylea. Urbanb. Traditionalc. Classicd. Contemporarye. Modern

3. Do you want to match your interior styling with your exterior styling?

4. Do you need an open concept space and/or a functional space?

5. Is your kitchen messy because of a lack of storage space?

6. How many cooks will be in the kitchen at the same time?7. How frequently do you entertain?

8. What other activities take place in your kitchen?9. What colours are you attracted to, light or dark?

10. What type of kitchen cabinets do you prefer?

11. When I first walk into a kitchen, what type of counter tops appeal to you?

12. What type of flooring do you want to walk on each and every day?

1. Review Kitchen Design Magazines or Interior Design Magazines.

a. Cut out any clippings that appeal to you.

b. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, there may be a counter top from one kitchen and cabinets from anotherthat you like.

c. Make notes beside all of the clippings, emphasizing what it is you like about each one.

2. Take Interior photos of different kitchen designs that match your style.

a. Visit show homes in the area, normally full of creative ideas,

b. Record ideas that you see when you are visiting a friend’s home,

c. Visit kitchen showrooms and compare quality and creativity

Ideas from Modular kitchen 


3. Compile a “Colour & Finishing Chart” of colour combinations that match your style and compliment your home,

a. Cut out clippings of colour combinations that you find in magazines.

b. Visit paint and decorating stores and ask them for colour chips that best suit your style.

c. Collect samples of kitchen cabinet finishes that blend in with your interior style.

4. Pre-Plan the functional layout of your kitchen to enhance your lifestyle,

a. With your designer, plan the layout of your sink, fridge, stove, Microwave and dishwasher for effective functionality.

b. If additional storage spaces is required, research your options and pick the one that best suits your needs.

c. Decide whether you need kitchen renovations to increase your interior kitchen design,

d. Review various kitchen islands for cabinets and counter tops that support informal dining in addition to a “Sit-in”kitchen table.

5. Kitchen counter tops sometimes lead your design choices so consider all the various options available.

a. With the assistance of your designer, research finishes such as Granite, Quartz, Laminate, etc.

b. Determine their durability, and whether you prefer natural stone, cultured stone, wood counter tops orlaminate counter tops that represent wood or stone.

6. Prepare Kitchen Measurements before visiting a kitchen showroom and kitchen designer.

a. Measure the overall kitchen space from one end to the other(wall to wall)

b. Measure the height of the space from the floor to the bulkhead and/or ceiling.

c. Identify the location of any electrical outlets,

d. Indicate the location and size of any window openings, the width of the trim and how they open.

e. Indicate the locations and size of any door openings, the width of trim and how they open.

f. Take a wide shot photo of you existing kitchen as well as 4 close-up shots from different angles.We thank you for reviewing our “Kitchen design” tips. Please visit our selection centre and manufacturing facilities and we willbe happy to assist you with your design.

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