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The Client shall discharge all the obligations connected with the project and engagement of the Architect as follows:
  1. To provide detailed requirements of the Project.

  2. To provide properly lease / ownership documents.

  3.  To provide a site plan, to a suitable scale, showing boundaries, contours at suitable intervals, existing physical features including any existing roads, paths, trees, existing structures, existing service and utility lines and such lines to which the proposed service can be connected. Incase such information is not readily available, the Client shall arrange for the survey / collection of necessary information and pay for the same.

  4.  To furnish reports on soil conditions and test as required by the Architect or pay for the preparation of the same.

  5. To furnish specific conditions / Statutory Stipulations / Codes of Practice / Schedule of rates, etc., desired to be followed.

  6.  To pay all the fees, levies, security deposits and expenses in respect of statutory sanction.

  7. To give effect to the professional advice of the Architect and cause no changes in the drawings and documents without the consent of the Architect

  8. To honor Architect’s bills with of its submission Time.

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