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Forms And Spaces Architecture

We place ourselves in relation to the space, determining the size, proportion. And interrelationship of its constituent elements, & their relationship to ourselves.


When we then move from the first space to the next, we compare what we know with what we don’t know, measuring the objects in the second space, based on the measure of the first.Moreover we are visually predisposed to choose the familiar over the unfamiliar. Various types of spatial characters of varying volume induce a predetermined.

A process that occurs in 2 steps.

Architecture is for the people, without them these are just too pieces of composition and construction. Hence their responses to the built forms & spaces reveals the right kind of approach needed for handling spaces for various functions. Human responses can neither be fully particularized nor fully generalized as it is a very delicate phenomena. But as human beings are organisms with memory panels (brain) with an order already established set of variables regarding various spaces. These variables can be generalized to some extent & spaces that a campus for yoga would demand this are the objective of this study on. Nebulae developer is carefully studying your project and making for valuable design.


Architecture is not just to satisfy the functional requirements of a particular programmed but a lot more to enrich the peelings of space, form & order which ultimately enhances the quality of architecture to a very great extent. Architecture is not just confined to just materials, techniques of construction. But extends into a very cast filed of creativity which considers the psychology of the users who are at the receiving end of the benefits of architecture.

The yoga campus needs certain characters to be portrayed in the form of many elements of site, the articulation of many elements with respect to the site features would give the right kind of setting for the campus which is the ultimate out come or this dissertation.



Environment, Path & Place ,Visual propertied of form, Symbolic forms.

                      It is not enough to see architecture. We must experience it. And it is important to not that architectural form & space is not apprehended by sight only. The smell of materials, inhabitants, food surrounding, the feel &Texture of materials and surface, the sound of echoes and footsteps. All are part of the complete architectural experience. The principal means through which we experience architecture is through sight and movement.


                          Movement, spatial sequence and time create the fourth dimension of our perceptual realm, and are an essential component of the experience of architecture. The movement through space is the most important means through which we assimilate architecture Experience. The ease or difficulty of walking along the path and its surfaces texture, the scale & distance of the shifting views as we move along the route. Inclines and steps, al form part of the experience of approaching and passing through architecture. Peripheral filed of vision is an important component of judging how fast we are moving through a space. Ex. Narrow corridors of colonnades make us feel like we are traveling faster sight is the primary (element) means through which we structure, interpret and understand our environment. One of the principal ways we visually measure and judge our environment it through comparison.


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