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Colour Architecture

The Color A phenomenon of light and visual perception that be described at hug, saturation, and hue saturation and brightness for light source.Introduction Of all the forms of non-verbal communication, color is the most instant eons. Method of conveying message and meanings. Colors add tremendous meaning to communication as it vitalizes the visual message, delivering an in stannous impression that is most often, universally under stood. This is especially important in conveying a mood or ideal where verbiage is not important in conveying a mood or idea where verbiage is not used or understood. Color is a universal language the crosses cultural boundaries in our electronically / technologically / state line linked Global Village.

Spectrum the distribution of energy emitted by a radiant source, arranged in order of wavelengths, esp, that band of colour produced when sunlight is retracted and dispersed a prism, comprising red orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


The absorption of certain wave lengths of the light incident on a colored surface, the remaining portion being reflected or transmitted.

Secondary color A color as orange, Green, or violet produced by mixing two primary cools.

Selective absorption: 

Color wheel A circular scale of the spectrum. Showing complementary colors opposite each other. Alsop cooled color circle.

Reflected color The perceived color of an object, dater mined by the wave lengths of the light reflected from its surface after selective absorption of other wave length of the incident light.

Additive color A color produced by combining light of red, green and blue wavelength these light of additive primaries contain all the wave lengths necessary to produce a colorless white light.

Primary color Any of asset colors as red, yellow, and Blue, regarded generating all other colors.

Tertiary color A color, as brown produced by mixing two secondary colors, or a secondary color with one of its constitute primaries

Receding color A cool that appears to move away from an observer, giving an illusion of space.

Advancing color A warm color that appears to move towards an observer, giving an illusion of space.

Color factoid: Colors used out of a familiar context can’t help but fascinate and attract the eye. Especially with food products because the brain is momentarily stunned by the bizarre or unfamiliar usage of color.Seeing color : The human equal act warm colors before cool colors. Generally, warm colors advance and cool color needed the eye, just like the earn responds of waves of energy. The perception of a lobar is determined by the wavelengths which bounce back in to the retain a sensory membrane that liras the eye. Visual information in the form of light is continually reaching the retina and formation in age to the visual cortex.

Red : There pituitary gland really springs into action with it sees red stimulating excising

Yellow (Warming, Sunny) :In every society, yellow is equated with the splendor and heat of the sun. Yellow emulates sunshine, light and warmth. It is a calves that is identified with imagination and enlightenment. In he lightest valuations. Consumers see yellow as cheerful, mellow and soft to the touch. Lemon yellow is also a happy color associated with sweet some what citrus

Orange (friendly vital): Temperature wise orange is seen as the not test of all colors. Orange, along with and yellow have been shown to exert on the action mix nervous system which stimulates the appetite

white (pure fright ):Not unexpectedly, white imparts purity and simplicity,

Black (Strong, classic elegant):Indelibly imprinted in the human mind black is most closely associated

Green (healing & refreshing fresh): Green Of all the colors in the spectrum green offers the widest array of choices.

Brown (rich wholesome): Brown is the ultimate each color associated with hearth and home, substance and stability

Blue (cool & dependable): As it strongly associated with sky and waters, blue is perceived as a con stand in our lives.

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